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Control panel

Accessing the control panel

The Control Panel enables you to configure protection settings for your subscribed security modules and add-ons. The Control Panel is also where you administer your workspace, cloud applications, protected users, and their devices.

To access the Control Panel, log into the Coro console and select the Control Panel icon in the toolbar:

Accessing the Control Panel

In addition, each dashboard panel (and optional module or add-on) in the Actionboard includes a Control panel icon, designed to allow you to quickly access the relevant settings page:

Accessing Control Panel pages for components

Using the Control Panel

The Control Panel contains the following options, separated into Protection and Workspace:


Some options might appear disabled where that module is not currently subscribed.

The Control Panel

Select an object to access the settings page for that component.


Cloud Security

Monitor and control access to connected cloud applications and data. See Setting Permissions for your cloud applications.

Endpoint Security

Manage the protection features for endpoint devices. See Introducing Coro Endpoint Security.

Email Security

Configure email security settings, including trusted and untrusted domain lists. See Introducing Email Security.

User Data Governance

Manage your users' access to sensitive information and configure how data sharing is monitored. See Introducing User Data Governance.

Endpoint Data Governance

Configure monitoring for storage of sensitive information on your users' endpoint devices. See Introducing Endpoint Data Governance.


Access the Endpoint Detection and Response module page. See Coro Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Managed SOC

Access the Managed SOC Services page. See Managed SOC Services.


Access the Network module page. See Network.



Manage lists of your users and user groups. See Adding users and user groups for protection.


Get Coro Agent deployment packages, manage device labels, and configure monitoring settings. See Introducing devices.

Cloud Applications

Connect cloud applications to be monitored for users. See Introducing cloud security.

Access Control

Manage admin users, add new admin users, set roles and permissions, and review active sessions. See Introducing Access Control.

Activity Logs

View the activity logs for your workspace. See Activity Log.


Configure connectors for integrating Coro with external Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. See Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration.


View and download a summary report offering a detailed overview of the security status and activities within a workspace. See View a summary report.