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Profile settings and password

Use the User Profile settings page to manage your account details, such as:

  • display name
  • password
  • login authentication
  • email notifications

To view the User Profile settings page, log into the Coro console and select the User Profile icon in the toolbar (an avatar, typically set to your initials):

Accessing your user profile

Then select My Account from the menu:

User profile menu

Coro displays the User Profile settings page:

User profile


Use this tab to set your first name and last name. Select Update profile to save your changes.


Use this tab to set your account password. Provide your old password as verification, enter a new password, then select Set password to save your changes.

Two Factor Auth

Use this tab to configure two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Coro console login.

To learn more, see Enabling 2FA.


Use this tab to choose how you would like to be notified of status updates and activity in your Coro service.

To learn more, see Configuring notifications.