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The Coro workspace

A Coro workspace is a virtual environment that encapsulates all relevant information for an administrator or security operative. Each administrator can access the Coro console to their own workspace to connect to cloud applications, add protected users, and define settings and policies for their suscribed protection modules.

The Coro workspace


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and partners can create one or more child workspaces for their customers. For more details, see Manage workspaces overview.

Cloud applications

Workspaces are tied to specific domains in connected cloud applications and services. When you connect Coro to a cloud application, you specify a domain or administrative business account on that application.

This enables Coro to connect to the application and identify protectable user accounts which are then managable within your workspace.


User accounts belonging to domains outside the scope of managed credentials are excluded from the workspace. In such cases, you need to subscribe to an additional workspace where you can connect to the cloud application using admin credentials that oversee those domains.

If you have multiple corporate domains and cloud users, connecting the cloud application in the Coro workspace through allows access via an admin account. Only users from this specific domain are considered protectable and can be safeguarded.

Devices and users

The Agent enables Coro to monitor user activity on endpoint devices in accordance with the security policies and device posture settings configured in your workspace.

Through the workspace console, Coro provides subscribers with a link to an Agent installer package uniquely tied to your workspace:

Agent installer download link

Copy download link

The installer filename is automatically generated for each workspace. Installing the Agent on your endpoint devices allows seamless integration with the designated workspace ensuring smooth information flow between the Agent and the Coro service.

To learn more about deploying and using the Coro Agent, see using the Coro endpoint agent.

To learn more about configuring endpoint device settings and protection, see endpoint security.

The Coro console

To learn more about using the Coro console, see understanding the display.