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Setting access permissions

Data governance regulations (such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI DSS, and CPA) require monitoring:

  • Unauthorized data exposure of sensitive information.
  • Unauthorized data access to sensitive information.

To configure your permissions:

  1. Log into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control Panel

  2. Select the User Data Governance option:

    User Data Governance

  3. Select the Permissions tab:

    User Data Governance permissions


    Using the Permissions page, you can implement a comprehensive access strategy for your users as they review or share sensitive information.


    Your workspace users have access to sensitive information granted by default. Use the Permissions page to add restrictions according to your organizational needs.

  4. Select + ADD PERMISSION to include new permission settings for:

    • All Users

    • Specific Groups of Users

    • Specific Users/Domains

    image info

  5. Use the Select Data Type dropdown to select the regulatory standard or business-sensitive data type to monitor:

    User Data Governance Type

  6. Select an option from the Permission dropdown.

    You can select one of the following permissions:

    • Can Access: Enable the named user(s) or group(s) to view information.
    • Can Access and Expose: Enable the named user(s) or group(s) to view and share information with anyone (regardless of that person's own permission settings).


  7. Select ADD to save your changes.

    The permission is saved and is added to the list on the Permissions page.

To edit or remove an existing permission:

  • Select the permission access setting and select a different option from the Permission dropdown.

    Edit/Remove Permission